What Is The Vote Affect

Simple. The Vote Affect allows the people to vote on any and all legislation. We Affect the Vote.

Why do we elect officials to vote for us? Its not the 1800’s anymore, we don’t have to saddle up the horse and plan for a 7 day horse ride to the state capital every time legislation is being reviewed and voted on. Why do we still have elected officials that vote on behalf of the people who elected them?

Our we as people not able to simply vote for our self on each and every legislation. Can we not take the time out and decide on our own, how we vote? Whether Local State or Federal legislation. Of course we can.

Do they want us to be able and do this? No, of course not.

If you want something done right, do it yourself. So lets start voting for our-self. Your opinion. Your Vote. Nobody else’s.

I think what has happened in time is we have not had the ability or technology to make this happen. We have became accustom to the way. Allowing other people to vote for us on legislation, when we can have the ability to just vote on it our self.

How do we give proof to legislators that we voted in and got elected that they are not voting on behalf of the people who elected them? We elect them hoping they are going to vote our way on 100’s of pieces of legislation every year. When in reality they may get a few here and there right, but the rest of the legislation they vote their way, the party way, or the money way.

A Mobile App/Website that will allow people of the United States the ability to vote on every and all legislation associated with every local state government as well as federal. Not only will the app give the ability for everyone to vote on legislation with a simple click. It will also give the people the ability to show proof to the elected officials with real data from real verified voters that they are indeed not voting on behalf of the people who elected them.

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